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Fabulous Looking Skin for your Wedding

Have fabulous looking skin for your special day.† Focus on fabulous looking skin.† Letís face it: Makeup is only as good as itís canvas.† Start with a skin care regime almost up to three months before.† For that healthy, natural glow, exfolitate and moisturize regularly.† The better your skin, the less make-up you will need.† Start from the inside out by drinking lots of water.
A basic Deep Cleansing Facial is great for cleaning out pores.† Try a microdermabrasion with a facial or add a cooling oxygen treatment to help your skin glow.† Both of these services require little downtime.† If your skin requires a little more then a chemical peel or deep microdermabrasion, should be done a few months in advance.† Youíll experience the full benefits if it is done in a series of six.

Complimentary Revive Facial Treatment for every bride. We will also give a full skin diagnostic chart to take home with you. Don't miss out on this great offer. Call Face Affair on (02) 9569 4089.

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