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Vitamin Infusion

FacialTreatment3UltraSonophoresis Skin Workout

Improved absorption of ingredients for longer lasting results.

Ultraceuticals UltraSonophoresis Skin Workouts allow for intense absorption of selected ingredients to improve the skin’s overall appearance.

The skin is very effective at providing a barrier to external com pounds, primarily through lipids (oils) between skin cells.  Disruption of the lipid barrier by the ultrasound vibration helps in transdermal application.  In a short period of time the skin can receive much more than is possible without this method.

Low frequency sonophoresis infuses Vitamin C & into the layers of the skin by momentarily creating little spaces in the skin, allowing a greater absorption of the applied product.  The infusion technique and associated   product application visibly assists in softening the appearance of abnormal skin pigmentation while smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


•    Increased skin suppleness and glow.
•    Skin appearance rapidly improves.
•    Quick results for healthy looking skin.
•    Refreshes skin’s appearance.
•    Excellent companion treatment following Professional peels or Ultra Skin Resurfacing: Microdermabrasion series.
•    No down time, visible results.



For all skin types requiring a smoother and more even complexion. $95.

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