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Lactic Peel Treatments

Professional Skin Treatments
Professional peel treatments accelerate the skin’s natural exfoliation process providing you with refreshed and revitalied skin. Depending on the strength of your peel flaking may be experienced but there is no down time and makeup can be worn shortly after.

Lactic Peel Treatments

30% to 50% strength Hydrating and exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acid.
Lactic Acid peels are excellent for resurfacing the skin, increasing skin’s moisture levels and for fine lines, hyperpigmentation and uneven texture.  Lactic Acid is more hydrating than Glycolic and works as effectively to firm and smooth the skin’s surface, reducing the visible signs of ageing.
Your skincare professional will advise which strength, depending on your particular skin requirements.  A series of peels is recommended to achieve the best results. $69.

•    Partially neutralized for added safety.
•    Reduces build up of dead cells.
•    Diminishes appearance of fine lines and minor discolouration.

Recommended - For all skin types requiring a smoother softer and more even complexion.

BHA Skin Workout

Provides strong surface exfoliation.
Particularly effective for oily/acne conditions.  This solution may be applied in layers to provide a variety of results.  Your skincare professional can customize to suit your requirements. $100.

•    Improves absorption of ingredients.
•    Overall retexturisation and evenness of surface skin.
•    Excellent procedure for oily/acne skin.

Recommended - For oily and acne-prone skin.

Vitapeel Treatment

Exceptional exfoliation with a multitude of ingredients.
Vitapeel 1 is specially formulated, Australian made solution that is perfect discoloured and sun damaged skin.  Based on Jessners solution with the addition of Bearberry Extract and Alpha Hydroxy Acids, to give the skin resurfacing results that are customised just for you. $100.

•    Bearberry Extract visibly softens the appearance of pigmentation.
•    Creates exceptional peeling action.
•    Ideal for skin affected by acne, pigmentation, uneven texture and wrinkles.
Recommended - All skin types.
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